Welcome to the refre§h gaming project.

Thank to everyone who has signed up. There are 211 members of the refresh project with more joining everyday.

The idea of the refresh gaming project is to create a large community out of many small ones. The project was created because of the apparent lack of players in Jedi Academy. However with some work the project can grow and create a large amount of activity with a small amount of players. To make one thing clear refresh isn't a clan, it's a team. When you join you are not obligated in any way to help us. However we do ask that you everyone participate in the project. We have a large team of people volunteering there time just because they love the game, and want to promote it in every way possible. If you are interested in helping out please click here to see our project goals.

Major site update Finished.
Sign-ups for the ladders are now open.

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