Welcome to the refre§h gaming project.

This is a practice server setup by Amidala. Thanks :)

Old School Deathmatch-TDM (
0 out of 4 players on map mp/siege_desert
2/7/2005 6:15:43 PM
Players Score Ping
Rule Setting
capturelimit 10
g_forceRegenTime 200
g_forcepowerDisable 0
g_gametype 7
g_maxForceRank 7
g_needpass 0
gamename xMod v2.8.1
sv_maxPing 500
sv_maxRate 8000
sv_privateClients 1
timelimit 30




(internal)JAmp: v1.0.1.0 win-x86 Oct 30 2003 Player Color Chart: Joining Server - Teamkiller/Selfkiller - Lagging

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